Draco Malfoy - Draco only had one appearance altogether, and it was in Draco Puppet. He was actually just a small puppet that Harry held. Harry made up a song that taunted Malfoy, and eventually put him on the stove and burned him.

Wife to

  • Hermione Granger  - Is much like her book self, but does not act as smart as she does in the books. She also is less strict about breaking the rules (an example is Wizard Swears) as she is when she became a prefect. She comes close to swearing in Wizard Angst. And mother to Rose and Micheal Malfoy.

His mum and dad is Lucius Malfoy - In Snape's Diary, another diary entry mentions that Snape was late for golfing with Lucius. And Naricssa Malfoy nee black.






Harry - His puppet's personality is a far cry from his book persona, resembling more of his father's type. The puppet Harry is highly arrogant and frequently flaunts his superiority over the others. In The Vortex, he claims that "no one can have more testosterone than me!" and he spends much of his time singing about himself. He also frequently insults others, calling Ron fat in several episodes such as The Vortex and Snape's Diary.

  • Ron - is much weaker than he is portrayed in the books, and acts more of a friend to Harry than in the books. In Wizard Angst, he tried to hug Harry, which he never does in the books, and only once in the films.[1]Ron WeasleyHe is also portrayed to be very dumb, such as in Snape's Diary, when he only wrote the letters "I", "M" and "S" when trying to add a new entry to Snape's diary; in Ron's Parents, he spells parents as "parants".
  • Dumbledore - Seems to be slightly insane, senile, and frequently strips naked except for his hat during most episodes, which he calls "naked time". He also has knowledge of a one-minute-long swear that he teaches to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. In Ron's Disease, it is revealed that he is actually a gay android.[2]DumbledoreAs of The Vortex, he owns something called the Problem Stick, which he uses to get Ron out of the vortex.
  • Snape - has appeared in every episode except for Ron's Parents, Draco Puppet, and INSANELY important Potter Puppet Pals news, and seems to be slightly disturbed, as in one episode he had a dream in which he was "a beautiful milkmaid". In addition, the episode Snape's Diary shows that Snape has suicidal thoughts due to his lack of popularity and the fact that he is unloved by anyone. (this situation is not helped by Harry and Ron, who frequently torment Snape and, upon reading his diary, seem to find his pain amusing, until the end of the episode when Ron expresses sympathy for Snape) Despite this, he is the least changed from the book series. He frequently gets 'bothered' by Ron and Harry and seemingly lives a depressing life.

Minor CharactersEditEdit

[3]Draco Malfoy's puppet.*Neville - Does not have a puppet, instead being portrayed as a butter-nut squash with his face drawn on it. Harry, Ron, and Hermione bully him in Wizard Swears. During his birthday episode, Neville was killed (and cannibalised) by Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, and Dumbledore. His ghost later appeared.

  • Hagrid - Is the most recent addition to the cast, appearing in Ron's Disease. Although he lives in a hut on the grounds and has a knowledge of magical creatures, as in the books, he is portrayed as a filthy, slow-witted hulk of a man who is prone to hitting people. Also, it appears that Harry, Ron, and Hermione do not know him. Hagrid's only appearance is in Ron's Disease, though he does make a cameo in Neville's Birthday.
  • Master
  • Lord Voldemort - Is nowhere near as threatening as he is in the books and is frequently polite to the protagonists or does not recognise them whatsoever. He is also the only character to sing a solo song, "AVADA KEDAVRA!!!" in which he claims "killing people has never been this much fun". In this song it is also revealed that he can tap dance "The Dark Lord of Tap!"