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It is a comdeny show on Harry and his frieds

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  • new page Season 1
    created by Rhicarrodus
    New page: Epsiode 1- June 12th 2013 - New Year Harry was at the king cross station in London geeting ready to go to hogwarts and meet Ron and Hermione and Luna...
  • new page Ron's Mom and Dad
    created by Rhicarrodus
    New page: Ron's Parents: Ron is writing a letter to his parents when Harry comes in. Ron tells Harry that he is writing a letter to his parents. Harry gets mad...
  • new page Episodes
    created by Rhicarrodus
    New page: EPISODES flash animationsEdit Bothering Snape: Harry and Ron introduce themselves and decide to set out to bother Snape using their trick by...
  • new page Youtube series
    created by Rhicarrodus
    New page: 4th March 2013- Hermione and the tap dancing boy Hermione was walking down the hallway to Defence agsaint Dark arts when suddleny neville came tap...
  • new page Draco Malfoy
    created by Rhicarrodus
    New page: Draco Malfoy - Draco only had one appearance altogether, and it was in Draco Puppet. He was actually just a small puppet that Harry held. Harry made...
  • edit Hermione
    edited by Rhicarrodus diff
  • new page Hermione
    created by Rhicarrodus
    New page: Contents 1 Hermione Granger 2 Ron Weasley 3 Harry Potter 4 Albus Dumbledore Hermione GrangerEdit Hermione Granger: Hermione is perhaps the most...
  • new page Harry Potter
    created by Rhicarrodus
    New page: Contents 1 Harry Potter 2 Ron Weasley 3 [edit]Hermione Granger 4 [edit]Albus Dumbledore 5 Ginny Weasley 6 [edit]Cedric Diggory 7 Neville Longbottom...
  • new page Puppet Ron Weasley
    created by Rhicarrodus
    New page: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Ron and Hermione(01:16)0 views Puppet Ron Weasley  Contents 1 Information 1.1 Ron Weasley 2 Rons...
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    Added video:
  • discussion page Welcome!
    comment by Trellar


    Hey there! We're excited to have Harry potter puppet pals Wiki as part of the Wikia community! There's still a lot to do, so here ... 

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